Nanome Plugin API

The Nanome Plugin System is a Python-based API that allows users to connect 3rd party tools into the Nanome Virtual Reality Software Tool for Collaborative Molecular Modeling.

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The Nanome Plugin API provides a way to interface and integrate external software with Nanome’s molecular modeling VR software. Through this API, users can link up external computational such as molecular dynamics, docking software, and link custom databases. The extended functionality includes the ability to create new windows inside of the virtual environment and is easily customizable through a drag and drop user interface.

Plugins can be designed and ran from different operating systems - Windows, Linux, and Mac depending on the requirements needed from each plugin.

Some examples of plugins that our customers love are:

The primary requirements for running plugins are the Nanome Virtual Reality Software and access to the Nanome Plugin Server (NTS). The Nanome Plugin Server acts as a relay to forward plugin information and processes data coming into and going out of the Nanome virtual environment.

The Nanome Virtual Reality Software can be acquired directly from Nanome or in any of the VR stores here: